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What sort of Yoga do you teach?

In essence, Yoga explores all aspects of human experience – body, breath and mind.

During the 20th Century in Southern India, Professor T Krishnamacharya did ground-breaking work to make Yoga relevant for the modern age. His son, TKV Desikachar, continued his father’s work and a lineage of teachers who trained with them have inspired and informed my practice.

Desikachar described his approach as ‘special application’: not a brand of Yoga but a motivation to modify, adapt and apply ancient techniques appropriately to meet individual needs. Careful design of practices and conscious use of the breath are hallmarks of this tradition of Yoga teachers.

Development of Yoga

As Desikachar said: ‘It is not enough to jump if you want to reach the sky. Taking an intelligent approach [to yoga practice] means working towards your goal step by step.’

Yoga has developed in many and various ways worldwide over the past 1,500 years. Practised carefully and consistently over time with the guidance of a good teacher, I know from my own experience that it can help significantly to promote physical health and flexibility; mental clarity and peace of mind. For more general information about Yoga, see www.ays.org.uk

My intention is to offer an accessible and appropriate practice, suitable for today’s students, while respecting the Yoga tradition and philosophy.

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Vedic Chanting Tuition

What is involved?

Chanting has the potential to engage and focus the mind in a subtle but powerful way, developing our concentration. With practice, it can make a profound contribution to peace of mind. 

For centuries, Indian philosophy was handed down from teacher to student by oral transmission through chanting. Specific rules evolved to ensure that the accuracy of the teachings was preserved.

Chanting ancient texts has always been regarded as an important part of Yoga practice in India (svādhyāya). Until recently, this was less well known in the West than physical Yoga practice (āsana). 

Our regular chanting group is a wonderful opportunity to explore this ancient tradition. Zoom is remarkably effective when we are working together online, and the group is making excellent and enjoyable progress. ‘Live’ workshops are also possible on request.