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Zed Yoga Saturday Workshops, Worcestershire

This is a new opportunity…

… to explore Yoga in greater depth;
… to question, discuss and understand more about Yoga;
… to connect with fellow students; and
… to find new inspiration for your Yoga practice.

Sessions have started online, in the hope that we can meet together in the ‘real world’ before too long. In the future, there may be a ‘mixed economy’ of real and virtual sessions, depending on the time of year and availability. 

The aim is to meet once every 4-6 weeks. As life is busy, these will be individual dates so that you can join for one or more, to suit you. Although we shall begin at the beginning and there will be some continuity of theme and study, each session will stand on its own to make joining viable for all. The cost is £10 per session; or £18 for 2 sessions (where more than one session is offered).

Every time we meet, we’ll consider a theme based on Yoga philosophy and use this to help us to consider and refine our practice of a particular posture or breathing technique. We’ll then have time for a practice, designed with our theme in mind.

Forthcoming themes will be:

10th July – Salute to the Sun: ancient philosophy, modern practice

These events are aimed at all enthusiastic students of Yoga, though some knowledge and experience of the practice will be assumed. If you are relatively new to Yoga, you will still be able to benefit from these sessions, although experience of at least 6 sessions of regular class attendance would be preferable to enable you to derive the most benefit from them. If you have been practising Yoga for some time (whether or not recently), the hope is to bring new inspiration and understanding to refresh your practice. 

The structure of the sessions will be relatively informal (within Zoom limitations, initially), starting with a short presentation before encouraging discussion about the topic. You will need a Yoga mat, a block /cushion/meditation school, a blanket; and a notebook. There will be a short comfort break away from the screen half way through the session, before we work through our practice together.  

As always, modifications and alternatives will be offered if any posture or practice is unsuitable or inaccessible for you. Please get in touch if you have any questions and to request a booking form.  I hope to see you soon!   

Finding Resilience and Peace of Mind

Resilience and peace of mind: is that not what we all seek in these uncertain times?
How to keep going – meeting the demands of a professional role; and, often, caring responsibilities as well?

Whether you are managing a team of people or working from home (or both!), this course offers practical solutions to alleviate and manage the pressures of modern, working, professional life.

Our inspiration is ancient: Yoga techniques developed over hundreds, if not thousands, of years. However, this is not about tying yourself in knots! Instead, it is a means to loosen the ties that bind us to habitual stress and the risk of burn-out and ill health.

Professional life can be rewarding; but this often comes at a cost. Stress, lack of exercise, neglect of diet and a less than healthy lifestyle are all common features of modern life. When time is often limited, a practical solution is needed to set us on a more positive path.

Based on my own lived experience of a successful career over more than twenty years and combined with professional training in the philosophy and practice of Yoga, this course offers an insight into a practice that I wish I had been given twenty-five years ago. For Yoga is all about practice, a personal route to managing stress while retaining and promoting functional good health.

This course is suitable for individuals and for small groups. Why not make contact to explore the possibilities?

  ‘There is something about Yoga…it awakens an energy in people… something beautiful which sustains and supports them from within, and which reveals itself to human nature.’ TKV Desikachar

Vedic Chanting Tuition

What is involved?

For centuries, Indian philosophy was learnt and handed down by oral transmission through chanting, from teacher to student. Specific rules for chanting evolved to ensure that the accuracy of the teachings was preserved.

Chanting ancient texts has always been regarded as an important part of Yoga practice in India (svādhyāya). Until recently, this was less well known in the West than the physical aspect of Yoga practice (āsana). 

This ancient discipline has the potential to engage and focus the mind in a subtle but powerful way, developing our concentration. With perseverance, it can make a profound and positive contribution to peace of mind. 

Our regular chanting group is a wonderful opportunity to explore this ancient tradition. Even though we are currently working together online, Zoom is remarkably effective and the group is making excellent and enjoyable progress. 

Why not join us? Feel free to get in touch for details of workshops and online individual sessions.

Breath is central to Yoga because it is central to life …. and Yoga is about life”
Professor T Krishnamacharya

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