Zoe Herington Testimonials

Zoe teaches yoga in an understanding and caring fashion with due regard for your limitations, health and vulnerabilities. The classes balance practice, with some background history of yoga and support to meaningfully integrate this into daily life. I have found this really helpful in managing depression and anxiety.
Zoe is a skilled and thoughtful teacher and understands the body in balance strength and awareness. She also recognises each student individually and instructs and guides and adapts each movement to their experience. I always feel her delivery of yoga is excellent and always finish class on a 'high'. Recommended.
Zoe really is the most kind, professional and informed yoga practioner. No matter of your age or ability you will be in very good and safe hands. Shortly before joining Zed yoga I underwent spine surgery. I had been in extreme pain and could barely walk or stand for 11 months. Today I am well, pain free and don’t take any medication! Instead Zoe taught me to listen to my body, use Ujjayi breathing and use certain poses to release my spine instead. It’s pretty amazing to have a list of poses and breathing that I can use like a tool kit to free up my mind and body should I need to. I have also had one to one sessions with Zoe which I found really useful to improve my confidence and brush up on breathing technique or poses.
I love my Zed Yoga classes. Zoe is an excellent teacher with a deep knowledge and understanding of yoga: physical, mental and historical. Her classes therefore combine physical and mental well-being, as well as insight into the origin of the poses, meditations and philosophy. She easily adapts her practice to suit all ages and abilities, and there is a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Attending her classes has had a very positive and beneficial effect to both my mind and my body. I would happily recommend Zed Yoga to everyone.
Zoe is without a doubt one of the best yoga teachers I have known. She goes to a great deal of trouble to get to know the people in her class, and has the skill and experience to suggest modifications where necessary. We all benefit from Zoe’s in-depth knowledge of the history of yoga and its benefits to both mental and physical health.
I look forward to and enjoy Zoe’s yoga classes which leave me feeling physically and mentally refreshed. The classes are friendly with practices that are well planned and varied. Zoe’s guidance is clear and supportive, taking account of everyone’s particular needs.
Zoe’s classes are excellent – she is gentle and calm and watches carefully to make sure you are getting it right. The breathing and mindfulness side of the classes have really helped with my mental health … For a while I have not been able to face classes, so I had a 1:1 [session]… which I found very helpful because it was dedicated to me only and I now practise this regime at home.
Zoe is a great teacher, very welcoming, friendly and encouraging. She will always demonstrate postures and give alternatives for each person as need be. Classes are very friendly and enjoyable.
I found Zoe’s yoga classes after a long search for a replacement for my teacher who moved away. I tried several other classes, but nothing matches this style for me personally. Zoe’s classes are warm, inviting, caring and everything this style of yoga should be. They take you to a “yoga place “ for a while which is the true sense of yoga rather than just simply exercise.
I have tried a range of Yoga classes but only occasionally find a good teacher. Zoe is more than a good teacher. Yoga is a proven practice to bring harmony between mind and body.
Zoe's classes have done wonders for my back and general wellbeing.
We are so lucky to have Zoe’s knowledge and expertise in our community and she’s an exceptional teacher.
As a regular member of your Hallow classes I have found your method of teaching perfect for me. Your approach to providing modifications, especially for me with my dodgy hips and back, so helpful. I never feel pressured into keeping up. I thoroughly enjoy the non-competitive nature of the class and if you mess a move up it’s fine! You are so knowledgeable on the subject and I always find your class opening chats really interesting.
I have been attending Zoe's excellent yoga classes for about three years and feel that I've benefited greatly both physically and mentally. Zoe conducts the practice very thoughtfully with awareness of us all as individuals whether new to yoga or more experienced. If you are considering taking up yoga or returning to it like myself I would thoroughly recommend Zoe as a teacher.
Classes are a good size and there is a lovely welcoming and non- competitive atmosphere. Zoe lets us know at the beginning of each practice what our “topic” for the session is and what the benefits, aims and sometimes the history is behind it. There are always different options for people based on health need or ability and she will quietly come around the class making sure you’re ok. There’s always equipment on hand to use if you forget a mat or need a blanket as well as specialist yoga equipment to borrow.
I have always felt welcomed and included in a group that can change from time to time, which I think is as much down to how you facilitate, as much as how we behave as individuals.