Zed Yoga

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all Zed Yoga group classes:

All group Yoga classes last 1 hour 15 minutes, unless stated otherwise on the booking form.

Attendance at a Zed Yoga class is only possible if booked in advance via email

Zed Yoga group classes -terms, conditions and expectations

Thank you for your interest in Zed Yoga classes in Worcestershire or online.

All Zed Yoga classes are taught by a fully qualified, insured Yoga teacher, with appropriate First Aid training.

Terms and Conditions

Please note: By booking to attend a Zed Yoga class, either online or in person at the hall, you give your consent to the terms and conditions as set out in this document.

  • or telephone and a completed booking form and health questionnaire is enclosed with your booking.
  • For reasons of health, safety and wellbeing, your Zed Yoga teacher reserves the right to determine whether a class will be suitable for you and thus whether to accept your application to attend a Yoga class or series of classes.
  • Initial ‘taster’ sessions are available by prior arrangement at a cost of £10: this enables you to join one group class only, to decide whether you would like to join Zed Yoga classes.
  • Otherwise, all bookings are payable in advance for each full block of sessions (usually between 5 and 7 weeks’ long) as advertised on the termly booking form. Class fees are due on or before the first class of each block of sessions. These are not refundable or transferable where classes are missed as this is the only way to keep prices reasonable for all. However, missed classes can be made up by prior arrangement at other times in other classes where places are available (either live or online) as long as you remain signed up to a current term of Zed Yoga classes. This may include provision of a recording of the missed class, if appropriate.
  • If classes are cancelled due to technological problems; changes to Government health guidance or any other reason, then refunds/credits will be offered immediately.
  • Please make payment by bank transfer to the account on the booking form that will be sent to you on request, including reference to your name. Alternatively, cash or cheques can be accepted by arrangement. Feel free to get in touch if you need to discuss payment terms at any time.

What to expect

Classes are 75 minutes long (unlike many Yoga classes which often last 60 minutes). We always aim to start and finish on time, so please feel free to arrive a few minutes early to get comfortable.

Our yoga practice will offer a combination of physical movement (āsana) and seated breathing (prānāyāma). Sometimes there will also be a guided relaxation and/or short meditation.

In general, we have a theme for the term and practices will be designed with that in mind. Therefore, we will explore a range of different postures and prāṇāyāma techniques over time, aiming to balance variety and interest with an opportunity for students to become familiar with the practice. This is one of the reasons that I ask students to commit to a block of classes.

What is Zed Yoga?

People often ask what sort of Yoga we offer: our inspiration is the teaching of T Krishnamacharya, a leading teacher of yoga in India in the 20th Century in India. His son, TKV Desikachar, who continued his father’s work, described this approach as ‘the viniyoga of Yoga’: to modify and adapt the ancient practice of yoga appropriately to meet the needs of the individual.

The intention is to remain true to the ancient teaching and tradition of yoga but to make the practice accessible and enjoyable in a modern Western context. This means that the practice is often like a moving meditation, with conscious breathing as a key feature.

What to bring

For hygiene reasons, please bring your own kit: you will need a yoga mat, block or cushion and a blanket. Blocks are useful but not essential and are easily available at limited cost. Each hall has a supply of chairs, if you’re more comfortable sitting on a chair than on the floor for more than a few minutes.


Loose, comfortable clothing that enables unrestricted freedom of movement is essential. People normally choose to wear T shirts or loose-fitting shirts with tracksuit bottoms, leggings or loose cotton trousers.

To ensure adequate ventilation, we have windows open a little at all times. In colder weather, although the halls are heated as well as the heating systems allow, please wear warm clothes (a sweatshirt or jumper and a jacket). Padded jackets and thermal underlayers are preferable to blankets or duvets, to minimise the risk of tripping. However, a warm blanket is useful for lying down and for additional comfort when sitting. Practices are designed to suit the weather but the temperature cannot be guaranteed! Lots of layers is the best option.

A word about socks: For those with cold feet (most of us!), it is very tempting to practise in socks. However, direct contact between your feet and the mat is important in yoga, to maximise the awareness of and sensation in this vital part of our bodies. If you can practise barefoot that would be ideal. If not, for safety reasons, please make sure that you have non-slip socks that are specifically designed for yoga and other exercise classes.

Health and Hygiene

When signing up for any Zed Yoga class, we ask you to complete a Health Questionnaire, to ensure that the class will be suitable for you; and so that any health conditions or issues can be taken into account in planning. Your Zed Yoga teacher reserves the right to decide whether a particular class will be suitable for you, in the light of the information provided.

For reasons of safety and the wellbeing of all students, minimum requirements for attendance at group classes include the following abilities: to move safely to get down to the floor and up again unaided; to hear (with or without hearing aids) sufficiently well to follow guidance for the practice;  to practise in silence when encouraged to do so, to avoid distracting other students. If any of these is a challenge for you, please feel free to get in touch to discuss individual tuition as an alternative: info@zedyoga.co.uk.

If there is any relevant updating information you need to provide about your health, to add to your health questionnaire, please get in touch in advance of your next class via info@zedyoga.co.uk so that this can be taken this into account.

Your Zed Yoga teacher will usually be free for a brief review after your initial session, if there is anything you would like to discuss; or by arrangement at other times when convenient.

All sessions are run in accordance with health advice and in compliance with current UK government guidance. Sometimes this may mean that arrangements are slightly more cautious than the minimum standard set by the government – this is to ensure that your safety remains top priority.

The time and location of each class has been selected because the hall manager has agreed either that Zed Yoga will be the first group of the day; or that a reasonable length of time will have elapsed since any previous use, to allow for cleaning and adequate ventilation. The number of students attending each class will be limited to ensure that reasonable social distancing can be observed. Due to ongoing incidence of Covid and other respiratory infections in the community at present, please observe the following:

If you or a member of your household or anyone with whom you have recently come into contact has Covid 19 or other respiratory viral symptoms, please do not attend the session. I will always offer you a catch-up session at another class, wherever possible, to ensure that you do not lose out.
Sanitise your hands on arrival and departure– sanitiser is provided in the hallway;
Bring all your own equipment;
Select one of the designated places in the hall (which will be clearly marked with a burgundy triangle) as these will be measured out to ensure reasonable social distancing; and
Please read and adhere to the general conditions prepared by the Hall.

Thank you and welcome to Zed Yoga!