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Yoga Retreats

Yoga techniques for Health, Resilience and Peace of Mind

Managing the competing demands of a professional role and/or caring responsibilities?
This course offers practical solutions to alleviate the pressures of modern, working, professional life.

The inspiration is ancient: Yoga techniques developed over thousands of years.

This is not about tying yourself in knots! Instead, it is a means to loosen the ties that bind us to habitual stress and the risk of burn-out and ill health.

Professional roles can be rewarding but this often comes at a cost. Stress, lack of exercise, neglect of diet and a less than healthy lifestyle are all common features of modern life. When time is limited, a practical solution is needed to set us on a more positive path.

Yoga is all about practice for body, breath and mind: a personal route to managing stress and promoting functional good health.

This course is suitable for individuals and small groups and can be offered in a retreat or workshop setting, as suits you or your organisation. 

A flower ring of yellow and red - Yoga techniques developed over thousands of years.

Forthcoming Events

A Tapestry of Sound & Prāṇa
Discover the Healing Power of Yoga and Sound

2nd & 3rd November 2024
£185 (early bird price before end September £170)
A relaxing weekend of Yoga and Sound in the Worcestershire countryside.

Join Erika Lyons (music therapist) & Zoe Herington (Yoga teacher) to explore:
Yoga enhanced by the power of sound
Finding your unique voice
Experiencing simple japam and chant

Yoga Workshops

In Worcestershire and Online

Practical solutions to modern challenges inspired by ancient Yoga philosophy.

This is an opportunity to…

… explore Yoga in greater depth
… connect with fellow students
… find new inspiration for your practice.

A theme from Yoga philosophy supports our chosen postural practice, breathing and/or meditation techniques. As always, the session is designed for those attending; and suitable modifications are always offered as needed.

Workshops are held ‘live’ and online, as appropriate.

We meet every 4-6 weeks. Although there is some continuity of theme, each session will stand on its own.
The cost is £15 per session (90 minutes)

 Some knowledge and experience of Yoga is assumed as a basis for these workshops, so at least 6 weeks prior regular Yoga class attendance would be preferable.

Yoga classes Worcester

‘There is something about Yoga…it awakens an energy in people… something beautiful which sustains and supports them from within, and which reveals itself to human nature.’

TKV Desikachar