Group Yoga classes

What will the class involve?

Typically, classes offer a combination of physical movement (āsana) and seated breathing (prānāyāma). Sometimes there is also a guided relaxation and/or short meditation. 

In general, classes are based on a theme that is developed gradually through the term, designed with students’ characteristics and experience in mind. Therefore, we will explore different postures (āsana) and a range of prānāyāma techniques over time, aiming to balance variety and interest with an opportunity for students to become familiar with the practice. This is one of the reasons that I ask students to commit to a minimum of a half term of classes at a time (5-8 weeks depending on the time of year).

Once we begin our practice, students usually remain silent throughout unless we are having a workshop-style discussion together on a particular topic. Silence is important, to allow a meditative engagement with the practice and to encourage peace of mind. If this is difficult for you, an individual session may be more suitable.

Everyone can do Yoga! One of the key features of this tradition of Yoga is that we are able to modify and adapt the practice to suit particular needs. Some health conditions will require specific modifications within a group setting; others may benefit from an individual practice.

In general, to participate in group classes, you will need to be able to move reasonably easily within the average range of movement and to remain quiet for the duration of the session. 

All new students are asked to fill in a health questionnaire before attending sessions. This will be sent to you by email when you make a provisional booking. I will only be able to confirm your booking once this is completed and returned to me.  It is essential for you to provide all relevant information about your health, so that we can work constructively and safely together. All records are stored confidentially as required by data protection legislation.

All sessions will be run in compliance with UK government good practice guidance on managing risks associated with Covid-19.

Classes usually last an hour and fifteen minutes. Some classes are limited to an hour, depending on the time of day and venue availability. Please see the booking form for details. Please feel free to arrive a few minutes early so that you can settle and be ready for the practice. We always aim to start and finish on time.

Loose, comfortable clothing that enables unrestricted freedom of movement is important. People normally choose to wear T shirts or loose-fitting shirts with tracksuit bottoms, leggings or loose cotton trousers. In colder weather, please bring a sweatshirt or jumper. Blankets are useful for warmth if lying down for any length of time and for additional comfort when sitting.

A word about socks: For those of us with cold feet (most of us!), it is very tempting to practise in socks. However, direct contact between your feet and the mat is important in Yoga to maximise the awareness of and sensation in this vital part of our bodies. If you can practise barefoot that would be ideal. If not, for safety reasons, please make sure that you have non-slip socks that are specifically designed for Yoga and other exercise classes.

You will need a Yoga mat, block and/or cushion and a blanket. For hygiene reasons, I ask you to bring your own kit. I have several new mats and blocks for sale at a discount if that is of interest.

Please familiarise yourself with the following before making a booking:

  • Prior to attending classes or individual sessions, students must book a place by completing and returning by email a booking form and health questionnaire. This is the only way the needs of all concerned can be met. Please get in touch to request forms. For health and safety reasons and to avoid disruption, ‘dropping in’ is not possible.
  • Booking is by the half term, payable in full for the block of sessions on or before the first session. The number of sessions will depend on dates, usually between 5 and 8 weeks. Details are setting out in the booking form for the current term. The fee is per half term, rather than per session.
  • If you are not able to attend all the dates set, you are welcome to catch up missed classes by attending other Zed Yoga classes, by arrangement, as long as there is space in the class chosen. The time limit for catch ups to be taken is six months. 
  • Prices are set to be as affordable as possible, so I cannot offer refunds or discounts for missed sessions.
  • New students are welcome to attend one trial session, by arrangement, to see whether the class suits them and they would like to join thereafter. The charge for this is for one session only. After an initial trial session, students are asked to sign up for the rest of the current half term of sessions (as above). Please feel free to get in touch for details of current fees and a booking form.

Thank you and Welcome to Zed Yoga!

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