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Chanting for Wellbeing

Engage your mind and enhance your wellbeing

Benefits of Chanting

Chanting engages the mind in a subtle but powerful way, developing the ability to concentrate. With practice, it can make a profound contribution to peace of mind.

Each of us has a unique voice: why not explore yours, build your confidence in gentle use of sound within the structure of a chant and so discover the benefits for wellbeing that this can offer?

Our regular chanting group (Thursdays, 5pm on Zoom) is a wonderful opportunity to explore this ancient tradition.

Individual tuition is also great for making progress at your own pace.

Zoe, Zed Yoga offers chanting in Worcestershire
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Ancient wisdom

Chanting ancient texts has always been regarded as an important part of Yoga practice in India (svādhyāya). Until recently, this was less well known in the West than physical Yoga practice (āsana). 

For centuries, Indian philosophy was handed down from teacher to student by oral transmission through chanting. Specific techniques evolved to ensure that the accuracy of the teachings was preserved.

'Chanting acts like a mirror: reflecting the movements of the mind from moment to moment. I have found that, with continued practice, it engages and encourages focus in a subtle but powerful way; developing concentration and making a profound contribution to peace of mind.'